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Which products are available in the category of ,,ACCESSOIRES'' ?

In ,,ACCESSOIRES'' you are able to find our popular ,,Ice Axe'' bracelets as well as the handmade leather bracelets which are manufactured in Austria. Furthermore the BËRGSTEIGER flag, the BËRGSTEIGER cap and the mountain stud earrings are available in this shop category.




From where do we obtain the leather used for our bracelets?

The cowhide we use is obtained from one of the last tanner in Austria. With plant-based tannins it's possible to tann environment-sparing and non-toxic. Further information about our cowhide supplier you can find among :




What is the difference in regular bracelets and slim ones?

The normal leather bracelets comes in a width of 1,5 cm while the slim one comes in a width of 1 cm which makes it more gentle.




Which products can be found in the category ,,CLOTHING'' ?

This category includes different products in assortment of clothing for example t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, vests as well as ethical fashion produced by Stanley & Stella.
The productions by Stanley & Stella are made of organic cotton and can be found in the subcategory fairfashion.



Payment and delivery


How much are the shipping taxes?

Depending on the shipping zone your are living in there are different prices for shipping. To Germany, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norwegen, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Austria it's € 5,00, to Switzerland it's € 12,00 and to Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg shipping costs € 8,00.



How can I get free shipping?

Purchases about at least two items, stud earrings or caps are free of charge. If ordering three products or more you'll get the BËRGSTEIGER flag as a gift as well.



What are the accepted payment methods?

The purchaser may pay by credit card (Master Card, VISA) prepayment via bank transfer or Paypal.




How long will delivery take?

Worldwide within 5 working days.  3-7 days

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic:  3-7 days

USA and Canada: 3-7 days



How do I return or exchange products ordered via ?

If, for any reason whatsoever, you are dissatisfied with one or more of our products, you may return them to us within 30 days. Please use our cancellation form:





How much do we give?

For every purchase we save € 1,00 to donate it to local mountain rescue organisations.



When do the organisations receive our donations?

Every six months the Austrian mountain rescue organisation receives a collective donation. You can read the report about it on our blog:

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