BËRGSTEIGER – our ascent



The path to freedom is exactly what BËRGSTEIGER stands for. The journey begins in the valley and leads over a challenging ascent to the summit of all dreams.


The way to independence was the incentive of two brothers from Austria when they founded the brand BËRGSTEIGER at the end of 2015. Inspired by their father, who was a passionate mountaineer, the idea was born to create a new brand for mountaineers. What started as a small business developed into one of the best-known brands in the mountain and outdoor scene with the help of social networks. If you climb a mountain today, the chances of meeting a customer and wearer our products are not too low.



zene. Geht man heute auf einen Berg, sind die Chancen nicht allzu niedrig, einen Kunden und Träger der bekannten Armbänder anzutreffe


zene. Geht man heute auf einen Berg, sind die Chancen nicht allzu niedrig, einen Kunden und Träger der bekannten Armbänder anzutreffe





Your constant companion in the mountains and everyday life.




These bracelets are the most popular of our previous collection. It symbolizes impressively what mountaineering is all about - and with only two essential details: a small, cast stainless steel pick with the BËRGSTEIGER logo. It acts as a faithful companion up to the top - to reach the peak of your dreams quickly and safely. The charm is attached to an important part of climbing: the rope. We designed the material of our popular article in the style of the typical mountain knit - of course with appropriate wearing comfort. The bracelet can also be infinitely adjusted for maximum support. So you will be daily accompanied by a unique accessory, colour-matching to all of your outdoor outfits.







Our leather bracelets


The BËRGSTEIGER leather bracelets are handmade from 100% Austrian cowhide leather and a high-quality, adjustable metal clasp. They were our first official and typical products for BËRGSTEIGER Handmade. Meanwhile the classy bracelets are available in different variations and designs. In any case, they are a stylish piece of jewellery no matter whether for business or leisure outfits. In case you want to know more about them you can read the detailed production at the following link.


BËRGSTEIGER x Schatz Leder – Die Geschichte unserer Lederarmbänder






The flag represents a symbol of freedom and the "STEIGAUF" lettering is the motivator. The size and light-weight material makes it ideal for carrying it to the mountains. BËRGSTEIGER fans say it's a literally outstanding feeling to raise the flag above the clouds. Furthermore it over 5000 of them already have been sold worldwide. The flag measures 120 x 80 cm wide. It accompanies numerous customers and mountaineers to various peaks around the globe. Many photos showing people holding the flag on famous places and well-known mountains may be vied here:


STEIGAUF – Eine Flagge geht um die Welt





Our Offer


Beside our numerous different products, which are sold in our online shop, our daily published climbing slogans on Facebook and Instagram are an integral part of our offer for customers and fans. In addition, there are also ongoing promotions and various competitions taking place.

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To learn more about our products and promotions you can subscribe to our newsletter. You will receive monthly updates on the latest articles and innovations, exciting insights and information, as well as discounts and promotion codes. On our blog you will find weekly articles on various topics in the field of mountaineering, fitness, events and the company in general. If that's not enough information about us and what we do, you can read more exciting facts at the following blog post. https://bergsteiger.store/en/2018/11/02/1-jahr-bergsteiger-das-unternehmen-am-weg-an-die-berg-spitze/






It's not a secret: With every purchase we donate 1€ to the mountain rescue in Austria. But other cooperations also are very important to us. Meanwhile the number of them has grown quite a bit and we can already count some outdoor photographers, mountain guides, brands and hotels among our partners. We are especially proud of the content we get from photographers for our STEIGAUF pictures. The breathtaking scenes in the background are perfectly staged by hobby and professional photographers. We are always open for new cooperations and try to answer inquiries satisfactorily. If you want to get in touch with us feel free to send an email to info@bergsteiger.store .we are available at any time.

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